ballad for a data miner

First you save some tuples, then you lose your scruples
people help you along your way, not for your deeds, but how you say
to take their privacy and freedom, just remind ’em they don’t pay
take their money too on a ploy, use what you’ve learned from loggin’ all day

Cartesian aggregations, Poisson Distributions
causal correlations and standard deviations
You can’t sell your sexy underwear to little kids who watch TV bears
unless your cuddly cartoon cub convinces them that mom…. won’t… mind…
(con variazioni: money… is… love…, wrong… is… right…, yes… means… no…)

Analyzing, calculating, place your bets, stop salivating
map reduce then slice and dice, this new ‘gorithm is twice as nice
money making, manipulating, paying to play and kick-back taking
suffering fools but taking their payoffs, while spying on staff to cherry-pick the lay-offs


Watching out for number one, what the hell, its too much fun,
to those that worked so tirelessly, Thank You Suckers! but no more pay
So many losers along the way, “stupid people” getting in your way
Is that an angry mob in your pocket? Is that a golden fob that you got on it?


This corporation’s got no conscience and global economies won’t scale
when free is just a profit center and people cheap commodities
who’s choices are all illusions, fed by greed and false conclusion,
who’s purpose is to do your bid, fight pointless wars and clean your crapers, please


vamp till que
First you save some tuples then you lose your scruples
People help you on your way not by your words but how you say

Spent his last day in hole
won’t be going down any more
work for the man, live while you can
won’t be to long before your bound from this land

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